Precious BBY Collar
Matching collars for you and your baby
Mehfil Lights
Pre lit fabric cigarettes
Welcome to Juhu Beach Studio! We love to love thingsss. So for our first ever collection, we present to you products inspired by all the things we will literally love forever.
Creatures and characters of the city, romantic love & the lack of it, our four legged children, nature, love for your work, yourself, your friends, and v. imp the love of a beautifully crafted object.
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Life is a party, these are the snacks Our delightful new Textile Collectibles
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All of our products make incredible gifts, here are some of our favourites
A Juhu Beach essential, gorgeous double sided bucket hats and their strange embroidered siblings
Juhu Beach Studio is a tiny studio based in Mumbai, and we work exclusively with all kinds of textile waste (above) :O
Our brand celebrates the weird and wonderful conceptness of life through delightful, handcrafted lifestyle accessory products.
Exploring textile waste as a raw material for a scaleable + sustainable enterprise.